With passion for travel

Jennifer Bennett, Designer 

After numerous overnight trips around the city, weekend jaunts and visits to the dry cleaners, Jen wondered why she was using a plastic garment bag to carry her most idolized threads… Soon after she started slaving away to design a durable, yet practical and stylish bag to protect her clothes. It had to be aesthetically pleasing – her most idolized threads deserved nothing less. Jen started designing garment bags in late 2008 with a passion to create something stylish, yet reusable. Plastic was getting a bad wrap, plus it was never safe to begin with in terms of safekeeping treasured threads. A few months later, a garment bag was born.

Later that year, during London Fashion Week at an Ethical Fashion event at The Hospital Club, Jen debuted her first collection to rave reviews. The line has since expanded and Jendarling’s collection encompasses garment bags, shoe bags, totes and pouches. The bags have been featured in numerous press outlets including Entrepreneur, Treehugger, Elle UK, San Francisco Chronicle and Conde Nast Traveler among others, toting its eco chic qualities. Not to mention on the arm of Blake Lively on the hit TV show Gossip Girl.



Socially responsible, Jen has a master’s degree in nonprofit administration where she focused on CSR and nonprofits serving the environmental space. She continues to contribute her time to numerous nonprofits and is actively engaged in various environmental and social issues. An advocate of reduced plastic use, Jen believes small steps can lead to reduced environmental harm, not only in her own community, but also globally. I hear she revels in awe every time she steps into her closet …

Fair trade | eco-friendly textiles |  Made in California

*Jendarling is a member and donates a portion of sales to the Surfrider Foundation. Every garment bag order comes with an educational Surfrider hangtag - reduce plastic save a beach