Strikingly Stripes

Black & White stripes are inherently always in style. They tend to make a come back every spring as we look for ways to dress c&c. For the Spring 2013 shows, black & white stripes were dominant. 

Our Jendarling Edie garment bag, a signature style that is timeless never tires in your closet or out and about in flight. Michael Pastoureau, the symbology expert, claims that black & white stripes have marked the clothing of social outcasts in the West. Like the shirts worn by buffoons or outsiders that were visually “enclosed”  with two-tone stripes as if society wished to restrain them. Today stripes have proven flawless in both day and evening wear, preppy on both east and west coasts, and chic Parisian style.  

To learn more about the history of stripes, a great book worth checking out The Devil’s Cloth tells the origin of stripes from prisoners’ uniforms to tailored suits, a street sign to a set of sheets, Pablo Picasso to Saint Joseph, stripes have always made a bold statement.

Our Edie Bag makes a Gossip Girl appearance


After a month long hiatus, Gossip Girl Season 5 is back on rotation.  Jendarling’s edie garment bag received lots of play on Monday’s “Con Heir” in a hotel scene where the real Charlie “Lola” Rhodes was hiding behind a rolling rack of luggage.  As William (Billy Baldwin) and Ivy Dickens (previously Charlie Rhodes)  walk into the hotel, Charlie paces and hides behind a few Jendarling edie garment bags and a Bergdorf’s bag. 


Black and white stripes never go out of style.  Tres chic!   xoxo